Traiteur Dionysos

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Restaurant - Caterer - paris

In the largest of the Greek culinary traditions, DIONYSOS house makes you travel to Greece every day of the year through its specialties and more delicious than each autres.Depuis over 15 years, the family develops and Siassiaridis manufactures with passion: Tarama, Eggplant, Moussaka and many other traditional dishes using fresh products and desrecettes familiales.La house DIONYSOS also specializes in receptions and buffets, responding to the original way customer demand. You will find our specialties in our stores: Rue Montorgueil (2é), Oberkampf (11th) and Lecourbe (15th).

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 20:00


14 rue des petits carreaux
75002 paris

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